Boost Project Success Rate by  Upskilling Team Leadership

When projects falter, it’s not just management.

Imagine the cost of a failed project: resources squandered, time lost, trust eroded. Despite strong management, cutting-edge technology, and a proven success record, each new project comes with its own set of risks. These challenges are deeply human, rooted in differences in mindsets, levels of emotional intelligence, personal agendas, and conflicting leadership styles. Such disparities can escalate into significant disagreements, impacting cost, schedule and ultimately, the outcome.

Develop leaders and manage projects.

Our Leadership Skills for Project Teams custom approach does more than guide; it transforms. Led by 8020 Excellerate Founder, Ardi Ghorashy, and our expert Cofounders, we dive deep into your team dynamics to build a stronger, more resilient foundation that turns potential pitfalls into platforms for success.

The only sustainable competitive advantage is your people and how they work with each other.

Elevating your leadership capabilities can transform fleeting project interactions into lasting, supportive partnerships. This shift forms the foundation for a culture of mutual support, trust, and collaboration that extends beyond individual teams to encompass the entire organization. Democratizing leadership among project team members distributes accountability from “one” to “many ” —  leading your organization to become a powerhouse of project success, consistently delivering unmatched value and a competitive advantage, one project at a time.

Who Should Partner with Us?

Our programs are tailored for CIOs, CTOs, VPs of IT, executive project sponsors and PMO Managers who are committed to going beyond traditional project management approaches. If you aim to drive project success with exceptional leadership and a keen awareness of interpersonal dynamics, we are ready to help you achieve these goals.

Leadership skills for project teams


Equip project team members with essential skills to act as leaders, navigate common challenges and drive successful project outcomes through interactive workshops, practical applications, expert coaching and ongoing reinforcement. Our program is delivered in many customizable formats, including in-person, offsite, asynchronous, and online.



  • Preliminary assessment.
  • Participants complete two pre-assessments.
  • Determine focus from the success building blocks.
  • Tailor approach.


  • Debrief assessment results.
  • Facilitate discussions and activities.
  • Establish team operating ground-rules (TOGs).


  • Establish team leadership routines.
  • Tips for increased self-awareness  & regulation.
  • Journaling practice.


  • Scheduled virtual coaching calls (1:1 and/or group).
  • Executive team engagements.
  • Project team dynamics reports.

Fundamental levers of Project success


  • Examine the mindset in you, the team and the organization, 
  • Brainstorm what mindsets within the team may impact the project, 
  • Develop preventive actions for tackling negative mindsets (Fixed, Closed, Prevention, Inward). 

Emotional Intelligence

  • Enhancing self-awareness and self-regulation. 
  • Improving empathy and social skills to better manage team dynamics. 
  • Techniques for emotional resilience during project challenges. 

Coaching Language

  • Using coaching techniques to foster team development. 
  • Enhancing feedback and communication skills. 
  • Encouraging open dialogue and continuous improvement. 

Executive Sponsors

  • Understanding the critical role of executive sponsors in project success. 
  • Contract between the team and sponsor for effective engagement and accountability. 
  • Aligning project goals with executive expectations and company strategy. 

Supporting blocks of project success

1.Situational Awareness

  • Skills for reading the room, understanding dynamics, and anticipating needs. 
  • Adapting leadership style to suit varying situations. 
  • Leveraging situational cues for better decision-making. 

2. Political Savvy

  • Navigating organizational politics effectively. 
  • Understanding and managing political landscapes and alignments. 
  • Strategies for maintaining alignment with broader organizational goals. 

3. Leadership Styles

  • Exploring and understanding different leadership styles. 
  • Matching leadership style to project needs and team dynamics. 
  • Flexibility in leadership approaches to enhance team performance.  
mental toughness - strong brain

4. Mental Toughness, Resilience & Grit

  • Developing resilience to bounce back from setbacks. 
  • Cultivating grit to persist in the face of project adversities. 
  • Strategies for sustaining long-term commitment to project goals.  

5. Negotiating Conflict

  • Techniques for constructive conflict resolution. 
  • Maintaining professionalism and focus during disagreements. 
  • Turning conflict into a source of team growth and innovation. 

6. Influence

  • Strategies for effective influencing without authority. 
  •  Techniques for persuading and aligning stakeholders. 
  •  Building a persuasive case for project decisions and directions. 

7. Trust

  • Building and sustaining trust within teams and with stakeholders. 
  • Techniques for transparent communication and integrity. 
  • Impact of trust on project costs and schedule efficiency. 

8. Vendor, Supplier, Integrator Relations

  • Building and maintaining strong relationships with external partners. 
  • Strategies for effective communication, collaboration and harmony. 
  • Negotiating and managing common language, process, methodology and reporting. 


Project team members will discover how improving their mindset, emotional intelligence, and leadership skills will elevate team harmony and efficiency. This process will fast-track team development from “Forming” to “Performing” in record time. Ongoing reinforcement through the sustain phase will ensure that new insights, skills, and habits are integrated into your project environment, maximizing the impact of your investment.

Don’t let your next project be blindsided by avoidable pitfalls. Partner with us to transform your leadership landscape and give your team the advantage to achieve project management excellence.

Book your call today and discover the secret to accelerate your project success.