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Excellerate your leadership talent pool

The cost-effective way to grow your leadership talent pool and nurture leadership behavior at all levels of the organization.

Individuals need the intellectual freedom and confidence to shine in their own unique ways. Creating equitable and inclusive opportunities for middle managers (sometimes hidden gems) increases engagement, reduces talent drain and enables more future leaders to emerge ready to fill the leadership gaps most companies will face in the next few years.

When employees feel energized and valued, the quality of their contribution skyrockets — and so does their leadership potential.

8020 Excellerate™ is a career game-changer.

How and why do some people rise to leadership, and some stagnate?  This question is not only important to individual success but has implications for how well organizations function today, and how well they are able to prepare for the future.

The traditional High Potential (HiPo) approach to leadership development does not yield the results leaders have come to expect. It also has significant negative consequences, magnified by COVID-19 and driving the Great Resignation. It is clear that employee priorities and expectations have changed. The world of work, particularly talent development, must be reimagined to attract and retain the talent organizations need.

At 8020 Excellerate we know there’s a better way to approach leadership development that elevates more of your employees, creates a culture of equity, and nurtures leadership at all levels.  Employees feel valued, and are better equipped to embrace change, drive innovation, and contribute to organizational excellence.

Our purpose is to expand your leadership pool by offering a new kind of program that ignites leadership potential beyond your “rockstars.” Striving for equity, this approach uncovers the hidden gems who may have been undervalued for various reasons.

The 5 Ws

Who: ​

​8020 Excellerate is for companies who are looking for a better, more cost-effective leadership development and executive readiness solution. The program is suitable for established employees at the manager, director, or executive level.


8020 Excellerate is a 6-month comprehensive leadership development and executive readiness program. This timeframe is ample for the depth and breadth of material, on-the-job application of new skills, and achieving real and lasting change with minimal disruption to regular job function.


The program is self-paced, which means employees can work on it whenever it suits them, even with a busy schedule! One-on-one assessment debriefs are scheduled by participants with the appropriate coach at mutually agreeable times, and there is one scheduled 60+ minute weekly group Q&A coaching session.


8020 Excellerate is delivered via the MyQuest online learning platform. Join the program any time — no set start dates.


 So many reasons, but here are a few:

  • 8020 Excellerate is designed to focus on what each participant needs to do to level up and lead. It’s not a one-size-fits-all program.
  • 8020 Excellerate increases employee engagement and uncovers untapped leadership potential in your organization.
  • 8020 Excellerate is a smart way to elevate the perspective and performance of more employees and promote leadership behaviors throughout the organization.
  • 8020 Excellerate leverages the power of coaching to inspire and challenge participants and hold them accountable to their goals.
  • 8020 Excellerate can be customized to incorporate interviews with your company’s executives, and any additional information pertinent to your company’s leadership and executive readiness programs.
  • 8020 Excellerate helps you avoid the risk of betting it all on the wrong HiPos by uncovering untapped leadership potential in more of your employees.