Program Options

Choose your path and unfold your potential. Your leadership legacy starts here. 

Most participants opt for total immersion into the 8020 Excellerate program, typically completed within the optimal six-month timeframe. This approach has proven to be highly effective. However, we recognize the need for flexibility and offer a modular path, dividing the curriculum into two distinct levels for those who benefit from a paced learning experience.  

Both options maintain the integrity and outcomes of the original program. We also provide a cohort option as a powerful and cost-effective choice for teams and groups eager to improve performance and build collaborative success. 

Elevate Your Leadership Potential in Two Dynamic Stages 

Level One: Foundations of Leadership Mastery 

Kickstart the 8020 Excellerate journey with the core essentials at a comfortable pace, setting a solid base for leadership mastery. This course lays the groundwork for effective team management, growth mindset and executive presence. Available at an accessible price point, it provides a flexible stepping stone toward your personal and professional development. Includes four assessments, 1:1 debriefs with an executive coach and group coaching. 

Level Two: Advanced Leadership Mastery 

Progress to complex strategies that refine your skills and prepare you for senior leadership roles. Explore the art of leadership through high-level concepts that will position you at the forefront of innovation and excellence. Includes EQ-i-2.0 assessment and 1:1 debrief, Personal Brand Card and Play Book completion, Professional Development Credits (when applicable), Graduation Certificate and Badge. (Level One is required before starting Level Two) 

For Teams and Organizations  

Cohort Option

Bring your team along on this epic leadership journey! Imagine the synergy as everyone levels up together, achieves greater self and organizational awareness, deepens their emotional intelligence, and shifts into a growth mindset. 

As the head of the cohort, you will receive personal 1:1 executive coach debriefs for all assessments. Your team will benefit from group debriefing/coaching sessions with one of our executive coaches. 

Interested in elevating your team’s performance? Contact us for special group rates. 

Customize Your Journey 

We know your time is valuable. Let us custom-design micro-learning programs to fit into your team’s busy calendar and unique needs without compromising the quality of the experience. 

Connect with us to discuss how 8020 Excellerate can serve your team’s leadership development objectives.